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Andy Warhol born Andrew Warhola; August 6, 1928 - February 22, 1987, was an American artist, film director and producer. He was also a leading figure in the visual art movement known as Pop Art. His works flourished in the 1960s, and explored the relationships between artistic expression, advertising and celebrity culture. They spanned a variety of media, including painting, silk screening, photography and film.

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Peel Slowly And See

"The famous banana, even without its suggestive peel-off skin, will forever be one of the most valuable icons created by Andy Warhol."
Banana-infused Monkey Shoulder,
Cocchi Di Torino, Whey Syrup,
Peychaud's Bitters


Andy Warhol designed one of most iconic album covers of all time, featuring a simple yellow banana on the sleeve of The Velvet Underground's debut record. Undeterred by his lack of experience in the music industry, Warhol had become the band's manager two years prior and even introduced German vocalist Nice to the group. Early editions of the record cover featured removable stickers, allowing music fans to peel the banana's yellow skin to reveal a pink fruit underneath.

These early covers which are now a rare collector's item, also included the titillating suggestion, "Peel Slowly and See". Though Warhol eventually cut ties with The Velvet Underground in 1968, he continued experimenting with the banana motif in silkscreens and Polaroids, favouring the fruit for its phallic shape and ubiquity in American daily life.

Silver Factory

"Silver, fractured mirrors, and tin foil."
Hay-infused Altos Blanco,
Muyu Chinotto Nero, Fresh Lemon Juice,
Caraway Syrup


Andy Warhol's studio, affectionately known as "The Factory" was often referred to as the Silver Factory. In 1963, artist Ray Johnson took Warhol to a "haircutting party" at Billy Name's apartment which was decorated with tin foil and silver paint.

This inspired Warhol to recreate something similar for his newly leased loft. Silver, fractured mirrors, and tin foil were the basic decorating materials loved by early amphetamine users of the 1960s. Billy Name assisted in the renovations and had the entire factory cladded in silver, including the interior of the elevator. Warhol's years at the Factory were known as the Silver Era. Aside from the prints and paintings, Warhol produced shoes, films, sculptures and commissioned work in various genres to brand and sell items under his name, with the proceeds going into the financing of the Factory. His first commission was a single silkscreen portrait which sold for $25,000, with additional canvases in other colours for $5,000 each. The prices of alternative colours were later increased to $20,000 each.


"The more you look at the same exact thing, the more the meaning goes away, and the better and emptier you feel."
Maker's Mark Private Select, Osmanthus Tea,
Kaffir Lime and Pomegranate Cordial,
Java Apple, Ginger


ZERO PROOF VERSIONLyre's American Malt, Osmanthus Tea,
Kaffir Lime and Pomegranate Cordial,
Java Apple, Ginger


Andy Warhol filmed "Poor Little Rich Girl" in 1965, referencing the 1936 film of the same name starring Shirley Temple, whom Warhol idolized as a child. Warhol's pop art images of Marilyn Monroe bears great resemblance to Temple, and was widely believed to be inspired by an autographed photo of the child film star, which Warhol received when he was 13.

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